Joining Us

At CROSS21, we’ll hear from these eight plenary speakers and many other men and women who will teach, share, and mentor us.

Plenary Speakers

At CROSS21, our main sessions will walk through 1 Corinthians.


Each plenary session will include worship and we’ll celebrate the New Year with a concert. More musicians will be added in the coming weeks.

Breakout Speakers

During three breakout sessions, we’ll be able to choose from a number of topics that most interest us. See available breakout sessions here.


There will be several panel discussions throughout the conference to help us apply God’s Word to our lives. More panelists will be added in the coming weeks.


We’ll hear from many people who have served Christ around the globe. We’ll be setting up ways for you to personally meet and learn from these workers.

Many of these individuals cannot be listed on our website because they are serving in restricted countries – places where their safety is threatened for the cause of Christ.

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