Elias MedeirosDon’t Waste Your Geography

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In his brief talk, Elias Medeiros shares how we are to be faithful ambassadors of Christ no matter where God has placed us. We are in our current locations not simply by coincidence, but because God has providentially placed us there for his specific purpose. Therefore, let us not waste the current opportunities He has given, but let us seek to share Christ in all places and all circumstances.

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    Elias Medeiros

    Dr. Elias Medeiros is the Harriet Barbour Professor of Missions and the Missions Department Chairman at Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, MS. He is an ordained minister of the Presbyterian Church of Brazil since January 1975. Prior to come to RTS in 1993, he worked with youth camping ministries in Northeast Brazil; “church planter missionary” in the Amazon jungle; as an urban church planter in Northeast Brazil; pastored churches in the State of Paraiba, Brazil; taught at the Presbyterian Seminary in Brazil; and worked as Academic Dean at the Evangelical Missions Center in South Brazil. He is also a member of the “Global Diaspora Network Advisory Board” of “Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization” and of the “Evangelical Brazilian Diaspora Movement.” He is happily married to Fokjelina, and they have three children and six grand-daughters.

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    Don’t Waste Your Geography