Isaac AdamsPeople are Inadequate. “But God…”

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Emcee of CROSS 2013 and 2015, Isaac Adams shared a spoken-word poetry piece reflecting on the inadequacy of humans in light of the full, omnipotent sufficiency of God — most wondrously displayed in Christians’ salvation through Christ. Walking through the Bible to show how God has been pleased to use the foolish and the weak, Adams exhorts missionaries to remember that Christians walk by faith, not by fruit. God’s people are not mighty, “but God” is!

  • Isaac Adams

    Isaac Adams serves the efforts of Together for the Gospel, CROSS, and The Front Porch. He has a degree in Journalism from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and is working on his M.Div at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Isaac has served CROSS by emceeing conferences and sharing spoken-word poetry. You can find more of his poetry at