Mack StilesClever Missionaries Need Not Apply

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Mack Stiles walks through seven different aspects of modern missionary service that showcase how too many missionaries today are more devoted to cleverness, not faithfulness. He lays out the basic gospel message and reminds us why that is the power of God unto salvation. The gospel, not our wit, is what unreached peoples of the world need.

  • Mack Stiles

    Mack Stiles and his wife, Leeann, have traveled and lived many places before landing in Erbil, Iraq, in July 2017, including 15 years in Dubai, UAE. He’s the pastor of Erbil International Baptist Church. Over the years he’s been involved in university student ministry, church reform and church planting. Mack has authored five Christian books. The most current book is Evangelism: How The Whole Church Speaks of Jesus. Mack enjoys photography, snow skiing, and thinking through how to proclaim the Gospel of grace to those who haven’t yet heard whether next door or halfway around the world.

    Talk Title:
    Prophets: The Need for Repentance