Richard ChinSeeing Jesus Properly: The Lord to Gladly Obey Forever (Session V)

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Richard Chin preaches from Mark 8 in order to show that a proper view of Jesus demands a proper response to Jesus. Because He is the Son of Man whose kingdom will never end, His followers confidently and joyfully take up their cross and obediently take the gospel to those who do not know Him.

  • Richard Chin

    Richard Chin

    Richard Chin serves as the National Director of the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students, and the South Pacific Regional Secretary for the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students. Based at Wollongong University, he also serves as a University chaplain with a team that proclaims Christ to local and international students. He is a Malaysian born Chinese Aussie, who loves God, family, and Asian food.

    Talk Title:
    Joshua: Call to Salvation/Surrender