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Every Christian is worshipping in a contextualized church. So, what exactly is “contextualization” and how do we carefully go about doing it? In this breakout session, Zane Pratt helps his listeners realize that most of our churches today are not worshipping in the way that first century New Testament churches would have. Does that mean therefore that we are worshipping in unbiblical ways? Zane weighs in on this and seeks to shed light on this topic.

  • Zane Pratt

    Zane served as dean of the Billy Graham School at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary from 2011 until 2013, before returning to the IMB where he now serves as the Vice President of Training. He previously served 24 years in an Islamic context with the IMB as a church planter and regional leader in Central Asia. Pratt also has experience as a church planter and pastor in New England and as an Army Reserve chaplain. He is a co-author of Introduction to Global Missionsand a contributor to Theology and Practice of Mission, both published by B&H Academic. Zane holds a BA from Duke and an MDiv from Gordon-Conwell. He is married to Catherine with whom he has two grown children, Charlotte and Greg.

    Talk Title:
    1 Corinthians-Jude: The Significance of the Church