Our Purpose

We believe that everyone has a role to play in making Jesus’ name known around the world.

Some Go

Goers cross boundaries to proclaim the name of Jesus where it has never been heard or where there are few Christians.

Some Send

Senders leverage their lives to support goers with our prayers, finances, encouragement, and other means.

All are Called

We are all called to give our lives away to make the name of Jesus known around the world. This is the reason God created you, saved you, and called you. You have a part to play in God’s plan for the world.

Here’s a recap from our last IN-Person conference:

our message to group leaders

We believe that the best way to experience CROSS CON21 is within a community that can encourage continued perseverance and discipleship beyond the last plenary talk. That’s why we long to partner with local churches and campus ministries.

We hope to support your ministry to the 18-25 year-olds in your life by adding an exclamation mark to what you’ve been saying throughout the year. Our aim is to emphasize the clarity of the gospel, the centrality of the local church, and God’s heart for the nations. 

If you’re new to CROSS, you should know that CROSS is not a lighthearted event. We aim to match the tone of the topic at hand, which we see as serious, and yet joyful. As one of our founders, John Piper, said, “We don’t urge young people to join us for CROSS to make their life easy. We urge them to join us to make their life count.”

We don’t want to make your life easy, but to make your life count.

John Piper

OUR beliefs

Christians from a number of different denominations, backgrounds, and traditions attend CROSS. We hope you’ll join us. These two documents explain what the CROSS leadership believes and teaches.

Join us for cross con21.

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