Mack StilesClever Missionaries Need Not Apply


Mack Stiles walks through seven different aspects of modern missionary service that showcase how too many missionaries today are more devoted to cleverness, not faithfulness. He lays out the basic gospel message and reminds us why that is the power of God unto salvation. The gospel, not our wit, is what unreached peoples of the world need.

  • Mack Stiles

    Mack Stiles has served as the CEO of Gulf Digital Solutions and general secretary for the Fellowship of Christian UAE Students (FOCUS) in the United Arab Emirates. He has worked for many years with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship in the United States. He is the author of Marks of the Messenger, Speaking of Jesus, and Evangelism. Mack enjoys photography and snow skiing, but most of all loves thinking through how to apply the gospel of grace to issues confronting students in the university world. He is married to Leeann, and they are parents of three sons.

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    The Lordship of Christ NOW